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Useful care tips for your wetsuit!

Useful care tips for your wetsuit!

Your wetsuit is a really reliable and highly functional sports partner with which you can have fun and swim your best times for a long time - if you look after it properly!

It really pays not to just stuff your wetsuit in the cupboard after use, but to give it a bit of regeneration time, i.e.: rinse it out, let it dry well.... and a lot more. This helps prevent bacteria from settling in your suit, which not only causes a bad smell but also attacks the material. Find out what you can do for your wetsuit in our care tips.

Tips for the general care of your wetsuit:

  • Rinse your wetsuit in clean fresh water after each use (lukewarm or cold is fine, but don't rinse it with hot water!).
  • Turn your wetsuit inside out and let it dry completely out of direct sunlight before turning it right side out again.
  • Hang your dry wetsuit on a wide, sturdy hanger to avoid wrinkles. You can hang the wetsuit folded in half on a wide trouser hanger. However, it is even better to hang it by the shoulders like a shirt.
  • If your wetsuit is going to hang for a long period of time, you should fold its legs over your shoulders to reduce the weight strain on the suit.
  • Don't leave your wetsuit in direct sunlight or in the boot of your car, because if it is exposed to heat and light for too long, the material will become brittle and porous - and the colours will also fade.
  • Avoid or limit use in chlorinated water.

 Tips for travelling & packing:

  • The first rule of packing your neo is to limit the wrinkling of the neoprene.
  • When packing your wetsuit for a trip, fold it the way it was folded when it was delivered in the box.
  •  Avoid folding the wetsuit lengthwise down the middle as this can create a long, ugly crease down the middle of the suit.
  • A good and simple alternative to folding is to roll the wetsuit - just fold in the sleeves and then roll it up.
  • Make sure you don't leave your wetsuit folded for long periods of time - so always unpack and hang it up immediately at your destination, or at least spread it out somewhere.
  • It's best to place your wetsuit in the middle of the suitcase, away from hard objects, to avoid wrinkles and damage.

 Tips to prevent damage to your wetsuit:

  • So that you don't have to tug and pull unnecessarily when getting into and out of your wetsuit, you can apply a skin protection gel to places like your ankles and wrists.
  • This also applies to areas that can cause chafe such as the neck.
  • At Blueseventy we only recommend (and guarantee) the use of water-based skin protection products or those specifically designed for triathlon wetsuits, such as Pjuractive products.
  • Never use petroleum-based products such as Vaseline as anti-chafing protection, as they will damage the neoprene. Also, do not use other materials and oils such as baby or vegetable oil and silicone and other gels.

So, that's really it. Even though this seems like a lot of "care points", there are actually three basic points when it comes to the proper care of neos: Always rinse well, don't expose them to sun or heat and don't store them folded. Then you will both have fun for a long time!

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