Thermal Reaction

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Der Thermal Reaction ist die extra warme Variante des Reaction und durch Verwendung einers... mehr

Der Thermal Reaction ist die extra warme Variante des Reaction und durch Verwendung einers wärmenden Futters namens Zirconium auch für kältere Temperaturen geeignet. Dieses einzigartige Jersey absorbiert weniger Wasser, sorgt für eine ausgezeichnete Flexiblität und bietet extra Schutz vor den Elementen.


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Excellent Suit.

Great suit, with the lockdown I needed a suit I could swim in my local lough with in the winter/spring and autumn. This suit along with the gloves&booties checked all the boxes.
I particularly wouldn’t be excited about cold water swimming but as our pools are closed in ireland needs must! So honestly this suit is excellent it keeps my body warm whilst swimming. Water temps of 6-10 don’t bother me at all now, it’s actually a joy and I look forward to swimming cold water!
Shoulder flexibility is good obviously not as flexible as a Helix as there is a thermal liner on the shoulders but it’s perfect for me swimming my usual 2-3km you won’t notice it.
Suit fits me well (XL I’m 192cm) arms and legs are the right length as usual and the body fits snug.
Happy with my purchase would recommend.


Male Thermal reaction stock?

hi, Im trying to get information on when the Thermal reaction ML/MT (male) will be in stock. I can't find any in stock anywhere. Hope you can help.

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