Company History


Direct innovations is founded and among initial products, produces neoprene based bike seat covers, until an epiphany leads to the development of one of the world’s first triathlon wetsuits. Direct Innovations becomes the official wetsuit of the Ironman triathlon, and changes it’s name to Ironman Wetsuits.


V02 Stealth wetsuits developed using clinical studies to improve V02 performance.


Subsidiary office in the USA is opened in Seattle. Distribution expands.


Ironman Wetsuits changes name to Blueseventy and replaces the Stealth wetsuit with the Helix, and introduces a goggle and an open water accessory line. Sales hit a new high.


The pointzero3 swimskin is released at the Hawaii Ironman World championships and is worn by 18 pro athletes among them eventual winner Normann Stadler.


Pointzero3 swimskins are worn by half the field at Kona including the men's and women's champions. The pointzero3 is later FINA approved and blueseventy becomes official partner for the FINA Marathon 10K open water series.


The Nero Comp pool suit is released in May and worn in the 2008 Beijing Olympics by hundreds of swimmers including inaugural 10K gold medalist and leukemia survivor, Martin van der Weijden. Athletes set several world records in the pool using Nero Comp swimskins. The Helix wetsuit is voted best triathlon wetsuit in the world by multiple triathlon publications. Blueseventy opens it's first office in the UK and once again expand distribution.


Due to strong pressure from within it's governing body the technical pool competition suits pioneered by our Nero Comp range is banned, then reinstated by FINA.


Blueseventy redevelops the pool competition line to textile regulations and renames the line neroTX. Achieved a world first releasing a carbon fiber goggle that is less then half the weight of traditional pool goggles.

Our landmark balanced buoyancy wetsuit range is released. The newest generation of the Helix is first out of the water in the first major US domestic race. Blueseventy’s practice swimwear and technical triathlon apparel is released to market. Team TBB, the world's fastest long course triathlon team wears a custom version of our apparel.


To follow the latest WTC rulings the PZ3TX swim skin is developed taking our ever popular pointzero3 swim skin and conforming it to textile regulations.


The latest generation Helix is released and is first out of the water in the first major event of the year. It then is first out of the water in both the men's and women's races at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Blueseventy athlete Alistair Brownlee wins Olympic gold in the triathlon event. Long time Blueseventy athlete Leanda Cave wins both the 70.3 and Ironman World Championship titles.

In the pool the neroXII is released featuring the latest compressive textile fabrics.


The neroTX range adds color versions and solidifies it's position as the go-to competition suit for young swimmers.

Introduces Thermal accessory line to keep swimmers warm in colder water temps.

Sign Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs to a multi year contract.

Sponsored athlete Non Stanford wins the ITU World Championship Grand Final.


Blueseventy introduces it's most technical FINA legal competition suit, the nero14.

Expands Femme Fit women's sizing to 15 options offering more women's specific wetsuit sizes then any other brand.


Blueseventy releases the nero FIT which marks the first time a fully bonded tech suit has been available in junior sizes.

The brand also releases the Thermal Helix, the first purpose built cold water swimming wetsuit that offers swimmers greater insulation and the ability to swim longer in cold water conditions.


Blueseventy releases the PZ4TX and PZ4TX+, suits that define the next generation of triathlon swimskins and the first short sleeved swimskin in the industry.


Blueseventy adds LIFT panels to the Helix wetsuit increasing the suit’s lower body buoyancy while maintaining the legendary Helix flexibility. The Thermal Reaction is also released introducing a purpose built cold water suit at a friendlier price point.


Blueseventy releases the all new Lift buoyancy short, the first buoyancy short featuring NBR foam for maximum buoyancy.


All new Fusion wetsuit is released with increased flexibility and an improved neck design which sits lower on the neck to increase comfort without sacrificing the water tight seal on the neck. This new design is extremely well received and put into future designs of other wetsuit models.


Blueseventy athletes Braden Currie and Lionel Sanders place 2nd and 3rd overall at the Ironman World Championships in St. George, Utah.