Try Your Wetsuit in the Water!

Can I swim in my new wetsuit and still return it?  

Our answer is, YES!

We're confident that we've created the best quality wetsuits for open water swimming and triathlon on the market, designed to keep you comfortable, buoyant, and swimming faster every time you hit the open water. Our suits are designed to be used in the water, while swimming, thus they feel the best, and fit most comfortably when you are IN the water swimming. 

Trying the wetsuit on at home is perfect to help get used to getting into and out of a wetsuit and get an idea if the suit fits, but to really get an idea for the fit we strongly encourage you hit the open water for a test swim**. 

swimmer in helix wetsuit

Ideally you have a local body of open water such as a freshwater lake or an ocean. If not, a test swim in a pool is OK, though we recommend thoroughly rinsing your suit, and if possible cleaning with a wetsuit shampoo after exposure to chlorine. 

What can you expect in a test swim? 

Neck comfort: the goal of the wetsuit neck is to prevent water from flowing into the wetsuit, making you cold and slowing you down. This means it will be tight against your skin, and when standing on land may feel uncomfortable. Hit the water and feel the difference.

Is the wetsuit too small? A tight, compressive fit is correct for a swimming wetsuit - much tighter than a standard surfing or diving wetsuit. A wetsuit that feels tight on land, is usually a good fit; once you hit the water you'll find that it loosens some, creating the perfect, second skin fit. A wetsuit that truly is too small will be overly constrictive or impossible to get on.

Is the wetsuit too large? Often, a wetsuit that goes on easily and feels comfortable when you try it on at home is actually too large. Even if the wetsuit feels good when you try it we highly recommend you still hit the water for a test swim! A wetsuit that feels super comfortable on land may actually be too big, allowing water in while you swim which will make you cold and slow you down. 

take a test swim

Can't get out for a test swim?

If you don't have the ability to get into the water for a test swim, you can still evaluate the fit of your wetsuit at home. Remember, tight is good. A neck that feels restrictive is OK (as long as you're not turning purple... thats too restrictive!) Take your time when trying on the wetsuit to make sure you make fine adjustments in the legs, arm and torso to move the neoprene up into place to remove any tension that is caused by not having the suit on correctly.

If you have another person around they can assist with these adjustments and help you zip up the suit to avoid excess pulling which can damage the zipper. 

zip up wetsuit

Remember: take your time and use care to avoid accidental damage when getting into and out of your wetsuit. The high-quality neoprene used in our suits can easily be punctured by a sharp edge such as a fingernail causing a tear. 

If you have any questions about the fit of your new wetsuit, or concerns that the sizing is incorrect please reach out through chat, email, or phone. 

**Please note: The ability to test swim in your new Blueseventy wetsuit is specific to wetsuits purchased directly from Blueseventy only. If you purchase a wetsuit through another online or local retailer please confirm their return policy prior to getting your new wetsuit wet.**