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Element Goggle

Element Goggle

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Color - Blue Lens Clear Blue Frame

Element Goggle

The Element Goggle combines the features that make our open water goggles so comfortable with the low-drag socket feel a competitive pool swimmer expects. A high quality soft silicone gasket is attached to a traditional flat lens to make the Element a durable goggle that will hold up over many races and hours of practice use.


Low Drag Socket:
High quality, silicone gasket optimized for less drag in the water.

Razor Sharp Vision:
Crystal clear flat lenses with anti-fog coating provide razor sharp vision underwater.

Unibody Nose Bridge:
A flexible, ultra-soft, integrated nose bridge flexes to ensure a comfortable fit on your face.

Soft Silicone Gasket:
Sits snug around your eyes for a leak free fit.

Allergy Free:
Created without any PVC or latex.

Dual Adjustment Strap:
A low-drag, silicone strap is integrated into the goggle frame and features locking adjustment clips on both sides.

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