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NeroTX2 Kneeskin

NeroTX2 Kneeskin

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NeroTX2 Kneeskin

Welcome to the next generation of competitive swimwear. 

We started with the cutting edge, hydrophobic fabrics and advanced seam welding that made the original neroTX our most successful suit and enhanced the design to produce a more comfortable, faster competition suit than ever before. 

The neroTX2’s updated design and paneling creates more flexibility and improves comfort. While added compression and paneling changes, mean a little longer suit up time, the stretchier straps make it easier to get over your shoulders. The straps cross in the back for a more secure and comfortable fit.

Dual layer fabric in the chest and core of the suit adds compression for a second skin fit, while a central single layer section allows for more flexibility, key for increasing your natural rotation and range of motion, resulting in more power. Crossbody taping creates compressive zones to engage key muscles groups and produce more power with less effort.

Comfortable silicone grippers around the leg opening keep the suit locked in place A wider crotch design makes this suit more comfortable to wear without sacrificing performance.


Cutting Edge Technologies:
Cutting edge, extremely hydrophobic fabrics and advanced seam welding make this suit fast in the water. An updated design and paneling improves the overall fit and comfort.

Easier Entry:
More flexible suit straps help make it a little bit easier to get into and out of the suit.

Double Layered:
Double layered fabric in the chest and core provide additional compression and stability while offering privacy.

Increased Power:
A split of single layer fabric in the double layered front increases flexibility, rotation and power.

FINA Approved:
Approved by FINA for racing.

Welded, Stitchless Seams:
Ultrasonic welded, stitchless seams keep the fabric flat and fast.

Crossbody Taping:
Adds compression to engage key muscle groups for increased power and speed.

Updated Crotch Design:
A wider, triangular crotch design is much more comfortable than the earlier NeroTX.

Leg Grippers:
Comfortable silicone grippers keep the suit locked in place on your legs.

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