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Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit (Women's) - New!!

Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit (Women's) - New!!

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Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit (Women's) - New!!

The Women's Sleeveless Reaction is purpose built for the most efficient swim while keeping you cooler in warmer water. Matching the redesigned Women's Reaction wetsuit, the Sleeveless Reaction takes all the key performance upgrades and removes the full sleeves. This allows better heat regulation to keep your core temperature lower when the water is warmer while also encouraging natural body rotation, increasing distance per stroke and increasing comfort in the neck. What does this mean for you? A more flexible, more comfortable sleeveless wetsuit that reacts to your efforts and returns more speed than ever before.

Our women's models are more than just the men's suit in a different color. We prioritize fit, to make sure that patterns are adjusted for women's body style and offer expanded, specific sizing to accommodate varying body styles across all athletes.

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