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Thermal Headband

Thermal Headband

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Thermal Headband

Targeted warmth where you need it most. Our Thermal Headband offers thermal protection across your forehead and ears to lessen the chill when you first hit the water and provide warmth during your swim without a tight chin strap.

The Thermal Headband works best when paired with a latex or silicone swim cap, or layered underneath the Thermal Cap for maximum warmth. However, it can also be worn on it's own for those not too cold swims where you need a little more than your standard cap.

Crafted from high quality Yamamoto Neoprene with the same unique thermal liner found in our Thermal Reaction wetsuits this headband is the perfect tool for when the water is starting to cool off.

The Zirconium jersey lining creates a warm, soft layer against your skin, and the fully adjustable velcro closure creates a perfect fit on every head. 

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